Normal Blood Pressure Reading Basics

The normal blood pressure reading of an adult is different than that of a child or a teenager. Some adults can have either a normal blood pressure or a high or low 'normal'. There are three kinds of blood pressure: low, normal and high. Blood pressure is measured by the rate at which the heart contracts with every beat, and some run fast, others slow, but for each there's a normal blood pressure reading range.

Typically, a normal blood pressure reading is a measurement that usually hovers around 120/80. Again, that's an average. A normal blood pressure reading can also read as high as 128 and as low as 100 and still be considered within normal limits. Those who are athletically fit have blood pressures that are lower than normal blood pressure reading measurements but are still considered within a normal range.

There is usually no cause for alarm if you don't get a normal blood pressure reading, unless it averages around 130 or above on a consistent basis. Many people experience a wide range of blood pressure fluctuations throughout the course of the day, especially after exercising or very active work. This is normal and to be expected.

However, if you have been feeling tired, out of breath and your heart pounds after mild or moderate activity and exercise, you might want to check to see if you have a normal  blood pressure reading. High blood pressure can severely affect health and should not be left untreated. Low blood pressure is usually not experienced except due to rapid loss of blood, which can result in shock or even death.

In many cases however, a low blood pressure indicates a very strong heart and healthy arteries and veins and is usually not a warning symptom to other conditions. But you should look for a below normal blood pressure reading that could come with symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, and fatigue.

A normal blood pressure reading is the result of a strong, healthy heart muscle, good eating habits and regular exercise. It also means that every muscle fiber and every cell tissue in your body is receiving adequate amounts of oxygenated blood. Still, a similar  reading can be obtained as health conditions such as high cholesterol are creeping up on you. So it's important to have blood pressure checked regularly to spot early warning signs of medical conditions before they advance.

Most people obtain a blood pressure reading when visiting any dental or physician's office, but it's possible to purchase equipment to take a normal blood pressure reading from the comfort of your own home. Most blood pressure monitors can be purchased from local medical supply stores and are easy to learn and use. Keeping track of blood pressure for yourself and your family is an important step in health maintenance.

Just remember that normal blood pressure readings are only one step toward maintaining good health. Regular doctor visits and blood tests should be performed every year to keep ahead of certain diseases and medical conditions. A normal blood pressure reading indicates overall good health, but is not a substitute to regular doctor visits.

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